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Intraceuticals Facial Treatments Outshine Those Found in Any Other Beauty Salons in or Around Chessington

Gone are the days when had to be a Hollywood star to get the A-list treatment in beauty salons! If you live in or around the Chessington area, the beauticians at Purity Beauty & Skin Clinic can now offer you the latest upward shift in facial treatments from the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion range.

These wonderful products are used by celebrities. Now we can give you the same fabulous results as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Madonna and Katherine Jenkins. All the best beauty salons use these treatments, which is precisely why we use them at the Purity Beauty & Skin Clinic in Chessington!

Our Beauticians Bring A Powerful Anti-Ageing Formula to Chessington

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatments use advanced technology to deliver their powerful anti-ageing formula straight to the skin, leaving it looking smoother and brighter. Intraceuticals also achieves fantastic results on acne, for which their experts have designed a special range.

Our beauticians use these products to achieve amazing results that surely outshine those you'll get from run-of-the-mill beauty salons in Chessington, or anywhere else! To see how we can have your skin looking better than you might have ever thought possible, please get in touch for your free consultation with our experts.

We use these treatments to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines by lifting, plumping and firming skin around the forehead, eye, lip and nasal areas. We transform your skin with calming facials, hydrating and lifting your skin to leave your face looking and feeling refreshed and vibrant.

If you live in or near Chessington, come to Purity to enjoy immediate, visible results after just a single treatment. The procedure is non-invasive and completely risk-free! Intraceutical treatments range from £ 45 to £140. Here are some descriptions of the facial treatments we offer:

Rejuvenate Treatment

This skin-quenching facial treatment provides intense hydration and our beauticians feel it is perfect for all skin types. The Rejuvenate formula contains nutrients that tone, lift and hydrate the skin to dramatic effect, enhancing the volume and contours of your face, for a glowing look. This treatment also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Using this treatment, our beauticians give you instant results and your appearance will continue to improve in the days following the treatment at our Chessington studio. You can continue your treatment at home using the Home Skin Care range to ensure that your skin continues to improve.

Opulence Treatment

We offer this treatment to reveal a more radiant you! This treatment mixes natural brighteners and highly-concentrated vitamin C to balance and brighten dull, uneven skin and to minimise pigmentation. This leaves your skin luminous, toned and radiant. You will see instant results and your appearance will continue to improve in the days following the procedure.

The Opulence Treatment is perfect for weddings and other special occasions. We use it for all brides-to-be either at our Chessington salon or as part of a special home visit. Our beauticians prefer Intraceuticals as makeup preparation because it produces flawless results.

Clarity Treatment

The best beauty salons use this to improve the appearance of skin that is prone to irritation and other issues by treating impurities. The Clarity Treatment clears build-up of oil, leaving your skin looking and feeling clearer. Results are instant and continue to improve in the days following the procedure. This treatment provides the ideal remedy for acne and blemished skin.

Atoxelene Treatment

Our beauticians believe this is the best non-surgical alternative to more invasive treatments. Working as a complement to the Opulence, Rejuvenate, or Clarity Treatments, this employs natural amino acids to lift, plump and firm your skin.

This reduces wrinkles and fine lines, which makes it the perfect remedy for prematurely ageing skin. Our beauticians find that this treatment works really well as a 30-minute procedure to rejuvenate the lips and eyes of clients coming to our Chessington clinic.

Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Treatment

This treatment gives you the best of both worlds! For even more noticeable results, we combine the powers of the Atoxelene and Rejuvenate Treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines instantly. This also tightens and firms your skin to bring out the definition in your facial contours and is suitable for all skin types.

Ultimate Treatment

This combines the power of the Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Treatment with highly-concentrated vitamin C and botanical skin brighteners to make your skin appear luminous and beautiful. We use this treatment on the face, body and hands for an all-round clarifying effect.

The Intraceuticals Course

This is a series of 3-6 treatments which use complementary products. Results are cumulative and you will continue to see improvements with repeated applications. We recommend a course of 6 applications over a 12-week period to help you achieve the best results. After the course, applications will only be needed every 4-6 weeks. Home care products are also available. Please get in touch to take advantage of our fantastic special offers.

Booster Treatments

These are part of a range of four treatments that can be used alone for a 30-minute 'booster' facial or in combination with other facials to target specific issues. All Booster Treatments take around 30 minutes and cost £60 each. We also sell Home Care products as add-ons to these in-house treatments.

We offer the Collagen Booster to those who feel that their skin has lost volume and elasticity; it is designed to improve fine lines and sagging skin. This booster is ideal for use on skin during cold weather or after temperature changes. Make an appointment with the beauticians at our Chessington clinic to enjoy the benefits of the lifting and tightening effects.

Our expert beauticians all agree that the Vitamin C+3 Booster is ideal for tired, dull, or sun damaged skin. It is designed to protect, clarify and smooth your skin, while giving your face a renewed glow. We like to use it with the Collagen Booster to give you the best results for your skin.

Professional beauty salons like ours use Vitamin A+ Booster to lift tired, congested skin. It helps soften expression lines and promotes cell regrowth to keep you looking youthful. This treatment gives our clients in around Chessington a 'boot camp for their skin'.

The Antioxidant Booster is perfect for skin in need of a detox. We offer this booster to revitalise stressed or dull skin. It is rich in Vitamin C and as a result will reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. If you are overworked or travel weary, this treatment provides a natural vitamin boost to revitalise your skin and make you feel fresher.

Calling All Private Clients and Beauty Salons in and Around Chessington!

We can come to your home or beauty salons to host Intraceuticals Events in Chessington and its surrounding areas. We will bring along products for you to try and we offer cost price on all facial treatments. All you have to do is to invite along between 5 and 10 friends or clients who may be interested in these products. Please get in touch for more information.

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