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IPL by Highly-Trained Beauticians in Chessington

The beauticians at Purity Clinic use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) as an effective way to remove hair permanently. Many of our clients in and around Chessington take advantage of IPL to remove unwanted hair without the need for waxing, bleaching or shaving. The treatment is safe and effective for use on all suitable hair and skin types.

Our professional, high energy IPL machines achieve fast results and feature 'iCycle cooling' for a pain-free experience. IPL can treat excessive hair growth, in-growing hair (folliculitis), as well as unwanted facial and body hair. With IPL, all of our clients in Chessington and its surrounding areas can say goodbye to the irritation and embarrassment of unwelcome hair!

Common Areas Our Beauticians Treat With IPL

The underarm is perhaps the most common area for IPL treatment at our Chessington salon. Our beauticians give you the opportunity to get rid of unsightly underarm hair for good! Ladies preparing for their holidays often come to us to remove bikini hair so that they can go swimming without any cause for concern.

Many women see IPL has a better option than waxing or shaving. This is because bikini hair can be sensitive to shaving, often causing ingrowing hairs. Yet with IPL you need not worry. Our beauticians remove hair from your groin or pubic area quickly and painlessly. The naval is another common choice for hair removal.

Now you can wear crop tops or low cut jeans without worrying. IPL is also suitable for clients with PCOS, as well as for transgender people who wish for a more feminine appearance.

Suitable for Men

A common area of hair removal in men is the back. If you are a very hairy person, this is a difficult area to shave and waxing will soon become expensive. For this reason, permanent hair reduction is becoming increasingly popular with men. It is easy to see why when considering how easily and inexpensively back hair can be treated with IPL.

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If you would like to know if you are suitable for IPL treatment, please book your consultation with the beauticians at Purity Beauty & Skin Clinic (Chessington)by calling 0203 044 2463 or 07932763998 now!
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