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Micro Blading by Professional Beauticians in Chessington

What is Micro blading?

Micro blading or eyebrow tattoo, is for perfect people who have over plucked brows, loss of hair/patchy areas that won’t grow back and maybe have the wrong brow shape. Micro blading is the most natural looking enhancement to your brows and involves planting tiny hair like strokes of pigment into your brows.

Micro blading is different to an eyebrow tattoo – semi permanent makeup – in that we use a manual tool not a machine. Pigment is pushed into the first layer of the skin and when healed creates beautiful hair strokes. Unlike a conventional tattoo, which lasts forever, the pigment is only placed in the top layer of skin so over time it fades.

Why do I need microblading ?

  • It can enhance your natural brow or create a brow for you
  • You will have brows that wont rub off when you go to the gym or go swimming
  • It will save you time in the morning, if you usually draw on your brows
  • You can have the brows you have always wanted
  • The pigment fades gradually and can be refreshed with an annual top up

How long will my micro blade brows last?

The results of micro bladed brows vary with each person; several factors can affect the length of time it lasts, such as sun exposure, type of skin, use of anti-ageing products and your health.

Generally speaking they will look at their best for 9 to 12 months and at this time you may want to consider a brow top up appointment to freshen them up again. Some clients do go 18 to 24 months before they need a top up, it’s very individual.

How long does will the micro blade treatment take, what is involved?

Before we begin micro blading we will carry out a thorough consultation, some of which will have been done at the skin test appointment. There are some medical conditions which may mean micro blading would be dangerous or ineffective, and we carry out a detailed medical history consultation to ensure it is the correct treatment for you. A skin test is always necessary and should be at least 48 hours before the treatment. This appointment is free and gives us the chance to discuss the look you want, a bit about your medical history and to do the skin test.

Once we have established that the treatment is suitable for you we will draw on your new brows and once you are happy with the shape and colour we can precede.

We do ask clients to allow 3 hours for the micro blade brow appointment so we are not rushed at any stage.

Will I be uncomfortable during the micro blade brow treatment?

We will make you as comfortable as possible and in most cases clients tell us they don’t feel any pain. We ensure your comfort during this process is our priority.

How long will my micro blade brows take to heal?

Allow 7 to 10 days for your brows to heal, during this time they must be kept dry and we will provide you with after care instructions and ointment. If you follow the aftercare you will have a good healed result. Failure to do so could result in poor retention of pigment and in worst cases infection.

We will ensure you know what is required before you leave. Your brows will seem very dark straight after treatment but don’t worry they will fade and soften as they heal, you have to be patient. It is important to remember that the result cannot be guaranteed because it depends on so many factors but again all this will be discussed during the consultation.

When will I need a touch up?

You will need your first top up in 6/8 weeks and we will schedule this in before you leave. This enables us to perfect the colour and shape and to give you the brows you always dreamed of.

Following this it is entirely up to you; usually we see clients once a year to do a top up, this is one appointment only and gives you depth of colour back.

Please do ensure you have your brow tint, waxing, threading or tweezing one week prior to procedure. I can do this for you at the consultation/ skin test appointment.

For BEST results we recommend that you plan any Botox or filler treatments two or more weeks after your micro blade treatments. If you have fillers or Botox in your face, please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for brow symmetry due to settling. You need to leave at least a month after these treatments before having micro blading.

There are some medical conditions which would make in unsafe to have micro blade brows. This will be discussed with you at the first consultation appointment. If you are unsure if the appointment would be suitable for you please give us a ring or come and see Gill and we will give you the best advice.

Microblade Training

If you want to add Micro blading to the list of treatments you offer or would like to begin a career in Micro blading we can offer quality training with internationally recognised qualifications.

We can also help you upgrade a company certificate to a level 4 . Please have a look at our training page or contact us for details.

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